IT Services

Besides IT Support Service, we provide various IT Services to complement your online and offline IT needs. Some of the IT Services we can provide would be


  1. Relocation of your office IT equipment safely and reconfigurations of those equipment
  2. Consultation of your network setup and how we can improve it
  3. IT Security Audit
  4. Free Network Health Check
  5. Free Systems Audit
  6. IT Asset Management
  7. IT Helpdesk System
  8. Migrating Mail servers to Google Apps Business
  9. Cloud Services / Cloud Computing
  10. Backup onsite and Offiste
  11. Amazon s3 setup
  12. Emergency IT Services (virus outbreak, server malfunction, blacklist of email servers)
  13. IT Staffing and Management
  14. Web Design and Maintenance ( via Osiris Web Services)
  15. Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing ( via Osiris Web Services )
  16. Software Development ( via a local partner from India )
  17. Document Management System
  18. Hardware Implementation Projects
  19. IT Resources during holidays ( when your IT engineer goes for a long leave )
  20. Management Information System Department ( IT department )
  21. Secure Data Technologies ( encryption , off site storage )
  22. Student Training programme
  23. Computer Rental ( via a partner )
  24. Audit and updating of IT Assets records
  25. Wifi / wireless internet Rental for events ( training or road shows )
  26. Mobile phone /  Smart Phone support
  27. IT Infrastructure planning and setup
  28. Password Management
  29. VPN Connect multiple offices ( locally and international offices )
  30. Monthly report on your IT setup, issues and backup status
  31. Industry specific solutions and services
  32. College / Campus / University/ Education / Learning Centre IT support and management
  33. Research services for your next ERP
  34. Library Management System
  35. Worldwide support ( remotely )and via partners

If you are looking for IT Support, please visit our IT Support Packages and IT Support Service page.

With our IT services and IT Support Service, we guarantee increased productivity and reduced downtime