Document Management System

As a company grows, it accumulates more and more data. It could be a document, a scanned image, an engineering drawing, emails. Like traditional files and folders, digital medias faces the same problems. Difficulty in locating data, loss of data, are among some of the more common problems faced.

The Document Management System (DMS) is designed to alleviate such problems. It provides the following functions

  • storage: a centralized place where all the documents are stored. backup and redundancy are implemented as well to ensure no interruptions.
  • security: a permissions based security which allows read, write permissions.
  • versioning: keep track of changes and updates to a file, and allow users to revert to an older file should the need arises.
  • indexing: makes all of the document searchable. non text data could have a meta tag included to allow searches as well.
  • workflows: a defined path for the lifetime of a document, as it heads from one department to the next.
    eg. claims form --> head of department --> hr department --> finance department.
  • collaboration: allow multiple users to work on the same document or file together.








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