When contemplating a server purchase or upgrade, consider your IT environment, growth potential and whether virtualization is for you. Our server experts will be able to help in :-

  • Determining needs and requirements.
  • Understanding your options.
  • Putting it all together.
We are well versed in all the different requirements that you might have and will be able to guide accordingly.


  •  Small, floor-standing towers or rack-mounted 1U and 2U servers.
  •  Medium-sized, floor-standing towers or larger rack-mounted servers.
  •  Blade centers and blade servers.
  •  Large floor-standing servers, including mainframes.
  •  Specialized fault-tolerant, rugged and embedded processing or real-time servers.
  •  Virtual servers or virtualmachines (VMs) running on physical servers.
  •  Cloud servers (essentially a VMservice offering).
Give us a call for a free consultation on purchasing / upgrade  from our certified professionals.



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