Disaster Planning and Recovery

Downtime is expensive!

Most Malaysian Companies fail to realize the severity and impact downtime has on businesses. It’s not a minor annoyance or inconvenience. Downtime results in loss of revenues, damages reputation and even loss of data. Preventative measures such as backups employed by most companies are not enough. There should be a disaster recovery plan which details the measures taken and the steps that needed to be done to recover and continue work as soon as possible.

Disaster Recovery Planning.

Disaster recovery planning services we offer is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire office IT setup. We would evaluate and identify the critical systems for a business continuity plan (BCP). From there are a study would be conducted on the impact should there be loss or degradation of the service.

Preventative measures will be implemented to avoid problems. Detective measures to find problems when they a not prevented. And corrective measures should any problems be detected.

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